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Intro Classes 

Are you a new member to the ARSC or have you been a member before and only used the gym yet never tried out the fitness classes. We find that most of these are the reason that people don’t attend fitness classes “you need to be fit to do fitness classes” or “I have no coordination” or that “I would be afraid I would not know what I am doing and make a fool of myself”. Knowing this we are delighted to announce the start of our Intro classes perfect for your beginning step into fitness classes.


In every class we do there are a core amount of exercises that never change, we may add a variation to the exercise but as a whole the exercise will remain the same be it a squat in Bodypump a crunch in Cxworx or a warrior pose in Bodybalance.


The Intro class will aim to introduce you to the following core movements in that class how to correctly execute the exercise where that exercise works and most importantly what you should feel as you do that exercise.

The introductory class lasts for 30 minutes and is at a very light intensity so you won’t work up a massive sweat. The class uses a virtual screen to present the class and also has an instructor in the studio to assist you if you require and to advise you once you finish the class on your best path to attending more fitness classes.

So what do you need for the intro class? Just you your water bottle and a towel, our instructors will set up any equipment for you; all you need to do is come along. We look forward to seeing you


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