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First Week of Training


My first week of training coincided with my first week back driving since I was in hospital. I eagerly anticipated both like a child waiting for Santie on Christmas Eve. My bag was packed Sunday evening with two towels, two pairs of goggles, two pairs of swimming togs, two hats and enough shampoo and shower gel to keep me sparkling until 2020. I had the car cleaned too, giving it a valet fitting for a show car. I also had the seat and mirrors fixed to the appropriate height.

I’m sure my Mam was wondering whether the side effect of the surgery was that I had became super organised and stopped procrastinating. You’ll find out whether I overcome this later in this blog when I’m finished it…just need to check that YouTube video on motivation first…. refresh my Instagram feed…..check out that new Netflix series….. You get the picture!

The first session back was the Monday morning Lane Coach from 7:15-8:15. I was up in plenty of time and ready for action.  My various alarms had done the trick. The session was tough especially after a couple of weeks off training. but it was the perfect start to the challenge while motivation was sky high. I returned home afterwards, my house was crazy busy. My Mam trying to get my sisters ready for school and lunches ready, my Dad on his way out the door to work. One bad habit I’ve fallen into since I’ve deferred college is having a lie on. So, having had my training session in before they had even got up, I couldn’t resist, ‘Nice to see you all finally up’ I remarked smugly. I then preceded to hop back into bed for another hour possibly putting an asterisk over the productiveness of my morning.

My enthusiasm for driving was at an all time high this week similar to the first few days after passing your test. I was flying off the couch for any reason to get a drive, bread and milk, the paper, the tyres need air, the smallest excuse was good for me. The only significant side affect from my brain aneurysm was that I had double vison for about two months after it. This obviously enough stopped me from being behind the wheel, however the double vision did provide me with some odd images.

When sitting in the front seat all I could see was opposing traffic on the wrong side of the road coming towards us. Imagine driving down the wrong way of the motorway for an insight into being in the passenger seat with my eyes back then. The strangest image was when I checked to see if anything was coming at a junction for my friend who was driving (I’m hoping they checked too), I couldn’t see any car coming but what I did see was several cows on the road grazing away (they were in the adjacent field).

The second session of the week was on Tuesday Lane Coach from 9:15-10:00PM, which I must admit had the advantage of not craving another hour or five in bed once it was time to go. The session was at a faster pace than Monday morning with less distance covered. The Lane Coach sessions are always guided by an experienced instructor and help to keep your training from slipping, even though you would much rather spend another 30 seconds at the wall supping your water bottle, deep down you know they’re right to keep you moving.

The third session was on Thursday around lunchtime for an easy recovery swim for 45 minutes with no goal other than to try and loosen out my fatigued arms. My drive to get up for my fourth and final session on Friday morning was not quite at Monday levels but it was still pretty high, I set all my alarms from Monday 6:51, 6:52, 6:53, 6:54 and so on. I never looked at them too closely and come Friday morning I was pleasantly surprised to feel refreshed and ready for my early morning swim. Only for me to check my phone and see it was really half 9, I had set my alarms to repeat only on Mondays. I made it in later with my tail between my legs to get the session done during a public swim.

On another positive note I will be back swim teaching in the sports centre shortly with my double vision resolved. Thankfully, I won’t be telling any mothers that their child is struggling in lessons especially considering they have 4 arms and 4 legs.



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