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Q. What is happening and how long will it take?

A. The building is being refurbished to facilitate the following

  • Gym will be made 3 Times Bigger with a New and Spacious Layout
  • More New Equipment
  • New Spinning Studio with Air Conditioning
  • New Fitness Class Studio with Air Conditioning
  • Brand New Male & Female Gym Changing Facilities
  • New Crèche
  • New Meeting Room
  • New Café layout
  • Improved Heating & Ventilation in Poolside Changing Areas


This refurbishment will be completed in four phases to minimise disruption to our users.

Phase 1 June – September 2014

On completion of phase one our customers can avail of our new gym male and female changing rooms and crèche facilities. New Entrance Lobby.

Phase 2

The Power room, Gym office, cafe toilets and Gym Female changing will not be available to use – at the end of the phase there will be a new Spin room Meeting room/Studio and new upstairs cafe toilets.

Phase 3

The cafe will be closed – finishing off the new gym area and redesign the cafe layout

Phase 4

Completion of new fitness class studio and overall painting and finishes.


Q. What will be different?

  • New Entrance Lobby.
  • New Cafe layout
  • New children activity programme
  • New Birthday party package
  • New Creche location
  • New Male & Female gym changing
  • Wider range of fitness classes
  • More accessible areas in the gym
  • More gym equipment (double what we currently have)

Q. Will the Crèche times remain the same?

A. The Crèche will now open at 9.45am as classes are off site. Crèche bookings can be made in intervals of 1 hour. ( Maximum 2 hours)

Q. Where is the ASIC therapy?

A. This will be relocated to the crèche facility until Sept. Contact Michael & Joe for appointments.


If you have questions, queries or issues to be clarified please ask any member of staff. For further information or updates on the progress of the refurbishment please go to our website, Facebook, Twitter or our bi-monthly news letter and notice boards. If you would like to be on our email list please give your details to our reception team.

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