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Which class are the beginner class?

All classes are designed to get us active and moving some classes are more demanding than others however with SMART training our instructors will welcome and guide beginners into each one of our classes and allow them to sample the class. You are able to leave any class when you feel like you have had enough so the next time you come back you can aim to add to the work out


What do I wear and bring with me?

Wear comfortable loose clothing that will not restrict your movement also make sure to bring a bottle of water and a small towel


Which classes will help me tone and lose weight?

All the classes are different in their own way but each will help with weight loss and toning,


Where do I go?

For classes you will go up the stairs to the right of reception and you will find studio 1 at the top of the stairs and further down through the double doors on the right is studio 2 and the spinning studio

How do I book the fitness classes?

You can book our fitness classes one week in advance at reception or by calling 0906470975 and talking to our reception team alternatively you can book online using our new online booking app

Where do I get changed?

You can get changed in the gym changing rooms the reception team will give you a card to locker and allow you access to the changing rooms


How difficult are the classes?

Each class will challenge you in a different way and some classes will be more intense than others however for each class take it at your own pace do not try to do too much starting out and take regular breaks during the class there is a list of classes in this brochure that are recommended to start with


What times are the classes?

All the times of the classes are listed on the fitness class timetable available at reception, on our website or are posted daily on our Facebook page








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