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What time does the Gym open?

A. The gym is open from 7am to 10pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday.


Q. Why do you need a gym induction

A. For health and Safety purposes we require all gym users to complete a gym induction with a fitness instructor before using the gym, this will show you how to safely use equipment.  However, if you are an experienced gym user and you feel that you do not need this service, please complete the gym induction waiver declaration,


Q. What are technique sessions  

A. Technique sessions are held in the gym, and advise the member on a specific exercise or how to use a piece of equiment, they are 15 minutes.  These slots need to be booked at reception.


Q. What is personal Training?

A.  The Personal Training Program integrates exercise, diet, nutrition, and possible nutritional supplementation with the physical training to design a balanced fitness regime.

Our Personal Training Program emphasizes: • The setting of specific, attainable goals via specific exercises • The customization of your diet, nutrition, and food program • Your accountability in achieving your fitness goals • Continuing education, nutritional counselling, and motivational support on how to achieve and maintain your fitness goals


Q. Is there a family gym?

A.  Family gym is a time allocated  for  parents and children over 11 years to train together. ( This service is only offered to members)  Every Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 12pm  and in holidays Monday to friday 12pm-2pm. You must book to avoid diappointment.


If you have questions, queries or issues to be clarified please ask any member of staff. For further information please go to our website, Facebook, Twitter . If you would like to be on our email list please give your details to our reception team.

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