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Personal Training

Personal Training BenefitsOur personal training will make you achieve faster results.Our personal training clients look better and feel better – faster and more efficiently. Our personal training tailors every fitness workout customized to your unique body and your individual health fitness goals. Each of the personal training workouts optimize your time for maximum results.A Qualified Personal Trainer is a Personal Trainer educated properly to help you achieve your health fitness exercise goals quickly and safely.

Value Of A Personal Trainer

1. A qualified personal trainer optimizes each exercise of your fitness program.

Our personal training tailors each of your fitness training workouts in such a way as to make your body adapt to the exercise activities in order to achieve your goal(s). Every body is unique, and so is yours, from genetics, past history, injuries, etc. We tailor each of your health fitness workouts for your unique body in order to accomplish the most results and ultimately achieve the best workouts for your Each personal training client has specific a goal, and usually more than one. Different fitness goals require different exercise workouts. For example, weight loss workouts are very different than muscle toning, bodybuilding, strength training, health fitness, or beauty fitness workouts. I constantly see people on the wrong exercise program for their goals. Our personal training tailors each exercise program for your goals. We also balance your bodies muscles during each and every workout, while still focusing on accomplishing your fitness goals. You are as strong as your weakest link, and the same holds true for muscles. If one muscle or joint is weaker with respect to the other connecting muscles, then that weaker muscle will hold you back, your workouts back, and will make you stagnate and plateau, sometimes for years. We correct this balance through the efficient personal training.

2. A qualified personal trainer optimizes your time every fitness workout.

Our personal training gives you more results in a shorter time just by the nature of the continually tailoring each exercise workout. Our fitness training continuously tailors the exercise activities in order to force your body to adapt to the progressive increasing stress.

As your body is progressively stressed, your body is forced to adapt to the progressively increasing stress, making your body adapt to become stronger, have more endurance, more physically fit – and eventually looking and feeling better. Our personal training designs your exercise workout programs unique to your own body and your goals, which maximizes the efficiency of each exercise workout.

Our fitness training gives you more fitness results in a much shorter period of time. Over and over I hear from personal training clients that have been on many exercise programs over the years (or the same exercise program) and don’t achieve much workout results overall. After personal training with them for the first week or month, they tell me they see more results from our personal training than in the many years they have been working out on their own! Our fitness personal training maximizes your time with your exercise and fitness workouts.

3. A qualified personal trainer optimizes your energy with each exercise fitness program.

Our personal training gives you more results in less energy and less time. Many people work out for years, expending large amounts of energy, on the wrong exercise program for their goals, the wrong fitness program for their body, incorrect exercise form and technique, and/ or not even being consistent on a fitness workout  program – just doing whatever they feel like doing or their favorite workout exercises or workout routine. This kind of exercise workout leads to muscle imbalances, which leads to ineffective results. This type of muscle imbalance also increases the likelihood of injuries. I also see people just going through the motions, not getting as much out of their exercise workout as they could, and they look the same year after year! Then they tell me they aren’t getting any results! Our personal training fixes all that. Our fitness training customizes each personal training program in such a way unique to you to give a personal trainer certified through a nationally accredited personal trainer program in exercise fitness, for example, NCEF, ITEC or ACE personal training, and a fitness personal trainer who has been in fitness for 5 or more years.

WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE A PERSONAL TRAINER? People of all ages, body types, and levels of fitness benefit from personal training with a personal trainer, from the beginner exerciser to the professional athlete and Olympic athletes, who all have coaches and personal trainers.

A qualified personal trainer helps you achieve maximum fitness results, optimizing your exercise for your individual body and fitness goals.

The goal of our personal training program is to achieve the following benefits:

• Body fat loss / weight loss • Body shaping and muscle toning • Cardiovascular fitness • Increasing energy, stamina, & endurance • Increasing sports performance • Increasing muscle strength, muscle endurance, and muscle flexibility • Improving coordination • Enhancing immunity • Reducing stress and anxiety • Increasing libido • Looking more attractive – looking better and feeling better*

* which improves one in all areas of life, from doing better at work/ more money to career changes, increasing self-confidence, enhancing self concept, relationship changes, etc.


We design a comprehensive personal program to achieve your goals. Your Personal Trainer, through support and fitness expertise, keeps you moving towards your success, while maintaining a positive genuine concern for your exercise progress. Your personal trainer supports you towards your fitness goals and staying focused on the rewards of success. When you reach your exercise plateau, your Personal Trainer redesigns your fitness workout to advance you to the next fitness level to continue to achieve maximum benefits for your efforts. By changing your exercise workout, your personal training program remains fresh, new, challenging, and keeps your interest.


The Personal Training Program integrates exercise, diet, nutrition, and possible nutritional supplementation with the physical training to design a balanced fitness regime.

Our Personal Training Program emphasizes: • The setting of specific, attainable goals via specific exercises • The customization of your diet, nutrition, and food program • Your accountability in achieving your fitness goals • Continuing education, nutritional counselling, and motivational support on how to achieve and maintain your fitness goals

At the inception of the program you will participate in providing your Personal Trainer a full medical history, exercise history, and initial fitness assessment.

Then the personal trainer will develop a workout routine, nutrition, diet plan. Your progress is under continual review and revisions to make sure your body positively and healthily adapts to the exercise to reach your fitness goals and to keep the workouts fresh and interesting.

Some nutritional items and supplements are available for purchase at our sites to compliment our program.

If you want to reach your goals with overall health and vitality, check out our Personal Training Program for optimum results.

Finally! A simple way to lose weight and get in shape. Get started today!


Athlone RSC does not allow external personal training to happen within our facility unless you are employed by Athlone RSC.


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