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Fitness Class Induction


What is the fitness class induction?


The fitness class induction is for any person that is new to Athlone Regional Sport Centre and wishes to partake in one of the fitness class we offer. Meet with an instructor who will explain the different fitness classes and the equipment needed for each different type of class.

Who is it for?


The group fitness induction is for any new members or non members to the sport centre there is no cost for attending the fitness class induction.

What does it involve?


The fitness class induction involves meeting with a fitness class instruction for a 30 minute presentation describing the classes and showing a brief clip of the classes we offer, how to book fitness classes and following this a quick tour of the studios showing you how to enter and exit the studios.

How do I book the fitness class induction?


The fitness class induction can be booked at the reception desk by simply calling 0906470975 or by using the attached link and setting up the online booking system.

How long is the fitness class induction?


The fitness class induction last for between 30 to 40 minutes depending of the number of people attending

What days and times is the fitness class induction on at?


The fitness class induction is on the following days and times Monday @ 12.30 in the Main Studio. Tuesday @ 6.30 in the Meeting Room. Wednesday @ 7.30 in the Meeting Room

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