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Teacher in Water ÔÇô ÔÇ£NEWÔÇØ to Level 3
Having seen the benefit of the Level 2B Teacher being in the water since last September we are now planning to put an Assistant Swim Teacher in the water with the Level 3 classes.  This means that there will be 2 Teachers with this group (subject to numbers), one on poolside and one in the water.  We believe this will be a major benefit particularly to the smaller children who often struggle with the depth and distance across the pool.

Free Sessions at Christmas & Easter

Our free ÔÇ£Dives & TurnsÔÇØ sessions during the 2 holiday periods were popular and attended by up to 80 children.┬á This gave us a chance to focus on some of the fun aspects of the Syllabus which often get neglected because of time constraints during regular lessons.┬á┬á We plan to run similar sessions again and include ÔÇ£FunÔÇØ sessions for children in the earlier stages of our programme.

SwimFit ÔÇô Catering for young teens

Our new SwimFit programme which started in January 2013 is now attended by over 50 children between the ages of 9 and 15.┬á With a mix of activities including Swimming, Water Polo, Life Saving, Triathlon, Snorkelling and Scuba Diving; it is ideal for those who have completed all stages of our Swim for Life programme and are looking for a new challenge.┬á Following our last session of this season which took place at Baysports in Hodson Bay on June 28th, SwimFit will continue in September with some new ÔÇ£FunÔÇØ aspects added to the mix.

New 12 Week Syllabus

Having updated our Syllabus for Levels 1 to 10 last Summer, we have spent the last 10 months monitoring childrensÔÇÖ progress and taking note of feedback from you, the parents.┬á We recognise that the majority of children take 2 terms (14 weeks) to complete each syllabus and move up a level.┬á This means that a lot of children and parents are disappointed on receiving their reports at the end of each term.┬á┬á We need to address this issue and ensure that children have every opportunity to achieve the outcomes required within one term.

By switching to a 12 week term we can allow children more time to progress and we can focus more on teaching rather than assessing, taking the pressure off your children.  We can also build in more time for the fun aspects of the syllabus and make the overall experience better for everyone.

The end result we believe is that children will move up through the levels quicker than previously and this will bring down the cost of the programme over time.


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