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What is the Milon Circuit?                                                                                             35 min box website

The Milon Circuit is a circuit of 12 machines, which use new fitness technology to deliver strength and endurance training with high efficiency. It’s been it’s been installed in our new ‘Milon’ zon



The Milon system works by creating your personal fitness plan based on initial screening and body scan. That plan delivers a total body workout – strength and cardio – using the circuit , which lasts 35 minutes.

The Milon Circuit is a new, safe, efficient and effective way to train, so you get maximum benefit from every ounce of effort.



How does it work?


With the help of our Instructors, the Milon system creates your personal fitness plan.

Your plan and your progress are then recorded on the system and on your member wristband. Your wristband transmits the information to each machine which adjusts automatically for you.

Each Milon Circuit lasts 17 ½ minutes, two Circuit makes up each session. And you only need to do two x 35 minute session every week. You can log into the system and check your progress at any stage


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