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Noreen McEvoy – Ultimate Weight Loss Achievement

Noreen’s story may initially seem different from our other Sports Ambassadors.  She doesn’t compete for her county, province or country.  Neither does she represent a particular sport or club.  But what she has done and continues to do on a daily basis is nothing short of inspirational and in her role as an Athlone RSC Sports Ambassador we know she will inspire our everyday users and members.

Having once weighed 22 stone and on medication for depression, Noreen’s transformation to her current healthy state of mind and body has been an incredible journey and one we are proud to be a part of here at Athlone RSC.

After joining up as a member in January 2012, Noreen began to turn her life around, she started on a programme which included a mix of cardio work in the gym, swimming and fitness classes.  Over the next 3 years she consistently took on new challenges from Running to  Zumba ,  Spinning to Boxercise, at times training up to 4 hours a day.  As one would expect the weight began to drop off but as she continued to set herself new goals, this transformation continued with a resulting weight loss of over 8 stone!

Even more important for Noreen, as she immersed herself completely in what was on offer at the centre she made a whole set of new friends and training partners and this contributed to her improved mental health. It wasn’t long before she came off medication and she hasn’t looked back since.

The hard work, effort, training and dedication required by Noreen and the ability to maintain this on a long term basis is an incredible achievement and makes her a great representative and role model for our members.

We would like to thank Noreen for taking on
the role of Ambassador and wish her
well over the next year.

Noreen McEvoy Headshot Launch Night

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