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Pool Rules

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  • Members must swipe at the turnstile in reception at the entrance to the changing rooms to record their attendance and gain access to the wet side changing rooms.


  • Members/ customers must check the signs on the door and use the allotted changing rooms ( as schools and swim lessons have access to the changing rooms at various times during the day. )



  • Members with children please note that boys under 8 may use the allocated changing room on the Female side if accompanied by a Female and likewise girls under 8 may use the allocated male changing room if accompanied by a male . Please Note Boys over 8 are not allowed use the Female changing rooms or Girls over 8 are not allowed use the Male changing rooms .


  • Families may use the Family changing room but you may not leave your clothes in the changing rooms. Please note Families you may not use the allocated disabled changing room unless it is required .



  • Children aged 1-8 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult ( 18 or over) in the water in the ratio (max) 2 children: 1 Adult. Please check our admissions policy at reception for full details .



  • Members should use the lockers provided to store belongings. ( €1.00 coin required)



  • All swimmers should shower before entering the pool, steam room, sauna and the spa pool.


  • Swimming Hats must be worn at all times


  • No snorkels, masks or flippers are permitted in the pools except for group sessions such as sub aqua etc



  • Inflatables, (other than arm bands, baby woggles and swim boards), are not permitted in the pools at any time.


  • Armbands are restricted to the learner pool and the shallow end of the main pool. Baby rings are permitted only in the learner pool and only when under the supervision of a swimming adult.


  • Outdoor shoes are not permitted on the pool side. When it is absolutely necessary for a non- swimmer to go onto the pool side, protective pool shoes must be worn at all times.


  • Prams or buggies or children left unattended in baby chairs are not permitted on poolside at any time.


  • No running on the poolside at any time.


  • No diving is permitted at any time during public swimming session


  • No jumping into the pool allowed at any time during public swimming sessions.


  • No bombing, somersaults etc. are permitted at any time.


  • No pushing of fellow swimmers into the pool at any time.


  • No petting or inappropriate / offensive behaviour permitted in the pool at any time


  • No shampoo is permitted in the poolside showers.


  • No Horseplay permitted at any time.


  • Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to use the facility


  • Weak / non – swimmers should always remain inside their depth while swimming and follow directions from the lifeguard .


  • No ball games are permitted in the pool at any time during public swimming sessions.



  • Appropriate swimwear must be worn at all times. No tee shirts, football shorts etc.



  • Young children should wear protective swim pants at all times.( available to purchase at reception ).


  • All swimmers should vacate the swimming pools promptly when signalled to do so by the pool staff.


  • Swimmers are not permitted to swim long distances under water. Likewise swimmers may not repeatedly duck under water as this could result in causing Hyperventilation.


  • The pushing of pool staff into the pool is strictly forbidden.



  • Swimmers should at all times respond to calls and instructions given by staff.


  • Children are forbidden from running between the toddler and main pools
  • Hair dyer needs a 20 cent coin





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