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We believe first and foremost in the importance of swimming as a survival skill. We feel so strongly about this that we have put in place a multi-stage program which allows your child develop from acquiring simple water confidence in the Toddlers’ pool (Level 1) to achieve basic survival skills in deep water (Level 6)
before going on to become a safe and competent swimmer capable
of covering a distance of 250m non-stop (Level 10).

We also believe that swimming can play an important role in maintaining health and fitness throughout your child’s life. Our “SwimFit” programme offers children to teenagers the opportunity to continue swimming in a
non-competitive environment after completing Level 10. The “SwimFit” syllabus opens the door to a range of fun, water related activities such as Water Polo, Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, Triathlon, Surfing and Canoeing. So with 10 Progressive Stages based on an ASA (Amateurs Swimming Association) approved syllabus, one of the world’s leading swim programmes and our “SwimFit” program we cater for a wide range of ages and abilities, providing them with a survival skill for life.

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  • Professional & experienced
  • Backed up by qualified swim coaches and water safety instructors
  • Our Swim teachers have over 100 years combined experience
  • Instructors work with a structured syllabus and to individual class plans
  • Instructors take part in Swim Ireland’s Continuous Professional Development programme
  • Swim for life is run by professionals and your child’s progress will prove it

class options

  • Flexibility & Choice
  • Over 90 Class options across five days including Saturday
  • 12 week courses run between Sept and June
  • 30 Minute classes for Levels 1-6
  • 40 minute classes for Levels 7-10 & Swimfit
  • Suitable for ages 4 -16 years
  • Cater for Children with disabilities
  • Full 25m six lane pool & Toddlers pool




12 Week Course (non-members) €97 (members) €77.60




Lessons commence week 3rd September 2018
Free assessment available to determine ability and level. For bookings & information call 0906470975


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