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Weight Loss School

Look Great In Eight

If one of your aims is to tone up or just loose those extra few pounds -now is the time.

We have improved our weight loss programme  to work better for you and your weight loss journey.

Shane and Joey both hold qualifications in Precision Nutrition Level 1 and have extensive qualifications in personal training and fitness instruction.  check out our staff profiles

The trained fitness professionals at the Athlone RSC  will develop a  fitness programme for you to follow on a week to week basis.   In addition you will receive a personalised nutrition plan explaining food groups and portion sizes.  This is not a diet, this is learning to change your lifestyle for a better relationship with food.

Also new to the weight loss programme a NEW weekly dedicated motivational/ nutritional presentation.  Over the 8 weeks this will equip you to make smart food choices.

We also have a new weekly tailor made group fitness class  for the group, encouraging people to train together in a group environment usually gets people motivated more


If you are not overweight, but wish to use the menus simply to eat healthy meals or prevent weight gain, the team will choose the correct diet plan for you based on your current energy needs.

The best approach to simulate your metabolism is to eat and exercise regularly.




Do you want to sign up ?

You must be a Athlone RSC Gym or Fitness member

Your BMI must be more that 25% To calculate this talk to all instructor in the gym

We request you only join this programme if;

  • You are fully committed to the 8 week course
  • We strongly advise anyone taking holidays not to sign up to this programme
  • You must attend all weekly weigh ins
  • Group  classes are optional

Weekly events

  • Day & Times of weigh in
    • Thursdays & 8:30 – 9:30 am
    • Thursdays & 1:00 – 2:00 pm
    • Thursdays & 8:15 – 9 pm


  • Presentation times
    • Thursday @ 8:15 pm twice a month


The Program runs 3 times a year February, July and October.

Next Course Starts 3rd July  2017-  Registration Week 26th June

For more information call 0906470975


Become a healthier, fitter, happier you!